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When you call Allen Drywall and Painting LLC, located in Butte, MT, you will get a skilled drywall contractor and exceptional work. That’s what our company is all about, and if our services and determination sound like something you want, pick up the phone and book with us!

Drywall Repair Service

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Drywall Installation

Drywall Installation
When installing drywall, you must align and put it up to ensure it is as sturdy as possible. You also need to know about taping and sealing together all the joints. Delegate that particular task to us if that seems too much work for you to do along with every other chore - so you don't have to worry about it!

Drywall Repairs

Drywall Repairs
Our drywall repair service will be perfect when you want all the damage repaired quickly and with quality! You can't expect a stylish property if you have damage on your drywall, but we can rectify the damage. You don't have to worry about a thing because we will deal with it, and you will get the perfect results!

Painting, Staining, and Lacquer

Painting, Staining, and Lacquer
Our painting service also includes staining and lacquering. We offer everything necessary to make your property fabulous! Painting is one step to making your walls beautiful. Then we will add stain to the cabinets and complete the look. Afterward, we'll even lacquer your floors and make them shine!

Custom Texture Application

Custom Texture Application
If simple paint is not enough to make your property gorgeous - you need to talk to us about custom textures! Our skills in the area are professional, and we can do different textures that will make your walls pop out with unique beauty! That's why our custom work is all about - making your walls beautiful and having you smile!

Door Trim Installation

Door Trim Installation
A door is unfinished without the trim, so if you want your property to be perfect in every aspect, a door trim is what you need. If you don't want to do the work yourself, let's face it, it's not easy - it's very technical work, and you need assistance. The requirements are a keen eye for skills - you can rely on the capabilities of our experienced team!

Everything You Need With One Company

Do you imagine having to watch countless videos so you can take care of your drywall repair, installation, painting, staining, lacquering, trimming, and whatnot? That’s a big hassle, and you would need a lot of time to get into every video and learn everything you need to. Instead of doing all that or asking a bunch of friends to help with whatever they can, how about you contact a company, one company – with contractors who will already be skilled in everything?

Our Excellent Skills Are Necessary

Many people might think they can handle drywall, painting, lacquering, and more on their own, but that’s not true – not in all cases, anyway. It’s much easier if you leave the work to us, we will guarantee superb results. Skills are necessary for these kinds of services – they can’t be done right by watching videos and talking through ideas with friends. Sometimes you need skills and experience, and we have plenty to offer to every interested party!

Call¬†Allen Drywall and Painting LLC and work with a skilled contractor! Or hire a tech to do all your painting and staining! We can even add the trim on the door of your property! We do all this with excellence – we don’t let anyone down because we can make your property in Butte, MT perfect with all our services!

Client’s Testimonial

Fabulous Painting Service!

If you want a perfect painting service - work with this company! They offer affordable perfection! The contractors are so skilled! It was obvious they'd spent plenty of time training. They applied the paint perfectly and made it look simple. I could have never done what they did. They have given me a brilliant property with gorgeous colors!

Allen Drywall and Painting LLC
Butte, MT 59701
Area served: 100 miles
Phone: (406) 565-0888

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