How to Prepare a Room for a Painting Project

How to Prepare a Room for a Painting Project  

A Professional Painting Contractor Explains

Well, you have finally decided to paint the rooms in your house. If you wish to do everything yourself, you will need information what to do to prepare your interior walls prior to the actual painting. The importance of this procedure is often underestimated by homeowners. Here is what you need to know about it:

  • Empty the room entirely. Obviously, you can’t treat all rooms at once. You will have to paint them one by one. So, empty the first one and remove all furniture, as well as wall hangings. In addition to this, cover your flooring or carpeting with nylons or old rags.

  • Get all the necessary supplies. Each painting contractor will tell you that before you start a painting job, you have to buy all the necessary supplies. They include brushes and rollers of different sizes, a primer, painter’s tape, paint splatters, goggles, as well as quality paints and finishes. Do not forget to buy a stable ladder.

  • Dust and clean the walls and ceiling. Depending on the material your surfaces are made of, you have to use the appropriate cleaning solution. If you are treating your bathroom first, you should explore your options for drywall, concrete, etc. cleaning.

  • Repair all defects. After the walls in your room are perfectly clean, you have to fix all defects and imperfections. Scrape all cracking or peeling paint with the help of a paint scraper. You can remove small bumps with sanding paper. Fill in all cracks and holes with painting filler.

  • Apply a painter’s tape. You have to cover all trims, moldings, as well as window and door frames with painter’s tape. Remember to do the same with electrical switches and outlets.

  • Conclusion. When preparing a room for painting, you need to have certain skills and knowledge removing wallpapers, water stains, smoke stains, filling and patching too. The best way to achieve beautiful and long-lasting results is to hire a reliable painting contractor.

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